SAIT students will elect a new student association board in March. The SAITSA election will hold from March 5 to March 7, 2024, for the new board of directors. The Election will be through online voting system, where students can vote in-campus and off-campus.
The SAIT student government, SAITSA, organizes these elections every year and is a model of student empowerment and democratic engagement. The elections are more than just a method of choosing where they show the best qualities of community, leadership, and student involvement.
The campaign period turns the campus into a hive of ideas and aspirations, complete with colourful banners, lively debates, and captivating outreach initiatives. Every candidate tries to establish a rapport with other students, learn about their needs, and persuasively and clearly state their platforms.
SAITSA leaders influence the educational landscape, create relationships, and support causes that cut beyond institutional borders through their activities and initiatives.
“The board of directors are student advocates to help with their academics and act as the voice of students”, said Jatin Joshi, SAITSA board of director of School of Business.
There are many important issues have become focal points in the election conversation as students cast their ballots. Increasing student involvement and inclusivity, improving campus sustainability initiatives, the affordability of education, and mental health support. Candidates have outlined their plans and suggested solutions for these issues, sparking conversations about SAITSA's future on campus.
“I will try to reduce the parking fee, which is expensive, as the students pay lot of tuition fee because the transportation is the basic necessity for the students to attend their offline classes at campus”, said Shehbaj Singh, candidate participation for SAITSA board of directors.
In 2024 there are near about 15 candidates participating for SAITSA elections. The current issues are of elevators, and microwaves in SAIT building where every participant is working on it.
“The contractor for elevator was not working well, so the SAITSA and the authorities of SAIT campus planned to change the contractor to resolve the problem of elevators in future”, said Jatin Joshi.​​​​​​​
The SAITSA elections bear witness to the dynamic atmosphere of democracy and civic involvement that is flourishing in the SAIT community. Students show a shared commitment to furthering the goals and interests of their peers when they utilize their right to vote and influence the association's destiny.
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