“The natural beauty of red waterfall of Rocky Mountains will attract you in all senses”. The clear water flowing on the red rocks of Rocky Mountain is a tourist’s destination in summers located at the Waterton National Park of Canada.
Waterton Lakes national park is tourists’ destination located in southwest corner of Alberta and shares the borders with Montana, America. Waterton was the fourth Canadian National Park formed in 19th century. Waterton is only place in Alberta where the rolling prairies meet with the famous Rocky Mountains of Canada and is covered various natural beauty of the North America. It is covered with diverse wildlife, wildflowers and the one of the best spots for hiking and camping in Canada.
Waterton is located just three-hour drive to south from Calgary and is a small old town divided into many parts. There main tourist attraction is the crystal clear Waterton lake located in the heart of mountains. The restaurants located on the shore of Waterton Lake serves the traditional taste. Many local breweries are also located in the Waterton town which makes the beer and spirits in old-style and serve the authentic taste of herbal wines to the tourists.
“The July and August are the great months for camping and hiking in Waterton Lakes National Park due to perfect weather conditions” said Triptjot Singh Matharu (singhtriptjot147201@gmail.com). He has experience camping and shares his whole experience about camping grounds. The Waterton National Park is open trough-out the year, but the summers are full of visitors.
There are many hotels located on the shore of Waterton Lake. The Prince of Wales hotel is one the most famous hotel in Waterton which was established in 19th century and located with the beautiful view of lake and mountains.
There are lot of famous trails which are opened according to the weather conditions and every trail is having a different experience. Many activities are organised in different seasons. The view and color of lake and mountain is changed in every season. 
Different types of wildlife species can be found in Waterton, especially, black beer, elk, and deer in many locations. The location is untouched which is great source of information about forestry, wildlife, environment, and tourism. 
“The speed of winds is very fast near the Waterton Lakes due to pressure of winds from the Montana Glacier of America and a great market of local products made with wood and rocks” said Goyam Singla. There are many local shops located in the town which sells the sheep skin, fur, and handmade leather.
There are lot of tourist attraction in the Waterton National Park like Emerland Bay, which is the famous picnic spot. This place is more likely by youngsters to do leisure activities like swimming, scuba diving, rafting. There are renting boats owned by The Prince of Wales Hotel to promote tourism. 
This place is not to crowded as Banff and there are only few local restaurants in this area which serve local meat. These restaurants are having only few items in vegetarian food. Lakeside Chophouse is the famous local restaurant which is crowded every time with visitors due to their taste.
Cameron falls in Waterton is one of the famous and highly photographed tourist destination due to the fresh water flowing from ancient rocks and a busy spot for fishing. People like to do fishing in this waterfall and enjoy it as a camping spot.
The area is covered by the natural beauty of trees and flowers and every spot is properly well-maintained by the authorities of Waterton Lakes National Park which is the one of the biggest national parks in the North America.
Roads trips to Waterton is an authentic experience with the nature. The Golf court of Waterton is unique and is known for the beauty, there are lot of tourists who loves to play Golf in that biggest Golf pitch.
The daily entry of the park is $10.50 for adults and $9 for senior, where the entry for youngsters is free by the authorities. The Waterton is very peaceful, where many people used to meditate on the rocks or near the lake to make their mind relax.
Waterton is one the best tourist attraction in the Canada and a perfect place to view spectacular scenery of the environment. The uniqueness of Waterton Parks is a blend of nature in unusual geology, climate, rare wildflowers, grasslands and flora and fauna which cannot be changed for years. 
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